Cosco Capital, Inc. (COSCO)

Cosco Capital, Inc. (COSCO)

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COSCO CAPITAL INC., formerly Alcorn Gold Resources Corporation, was originally incorporated  on  January  19,  1988  as Alcorn Petroleum  and Minerals Corporation. On  January  13,  2000,  the  Securities  and  Exchange  Commission  (SEC)  approved the  amendment  of  the  Company's  primary  purpose  from  an  oil  and  mineral exploration and development corporation into a retail holding company.

Through  our  majority  stake  in  Puregold  Price  Club  Inc.,  one  of  the  top  and  most recognized  brands  in  Philippine  retail,  and  its  acquisition  of  S&R  Membership Shopping, we are able to fully serve the needs of Filipino consumers from all income brackets.

Our diverse portfolio of real estate holdings is differentiated not only by its singular purpose of being the springboard for our retail outlets but also by hosting a variety of enterprises from those providing basic services to pharmacy chains, restaurants, and some of the country’s most prominent unibanks. This has enabled us to reach out to more customers.

We  also  hold  a  position  of  leadership  in  the  imported  wine  and  liquor  distribution business,  with  each  of  our  three  companies  holding  exclusive  Philippine distributorships for  some  of the world’s  leading  brands for  both  alcoholic  and  non-alcoholic beverages.

The diversity of our businesses and a formidable management team has given us the necessary edge to lead and succeed in these fields: Retail, Real Estate, Liquor Distribution and Oil and Mineral Exploration.


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